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Group leader: Daniele Zullino

Group name: Addictive disorders

Affiliation: University Hospital

Research activities:

image Addiction division has three research tracks:
1-Impulsivity, automatism and motivation Our group studies common mechanisms underlying addictive disorders (e.g. impulsivity and automatism as risk factors for development and maintenance of addictive behaviors). Our main objective is to develop and enhance treatment strategies.
2-Behavioral addictions and related disorders We are also involved in several behavioral addictions research projects. They mainly focus on pathological gambling, excessive use of new information technologies (Internet, smart phones and similar electronic devices). These new addictive disorders are raising controversies in scientific community and clinical evidence is lacking. Our research activities tend to provide epidemiological, psychopathological and clinical data in the field.
3-Global Mental Health in addiction medicine In collaboration with WHO, our team is involved in screening tools development and dissemination. We also participate to global data collection and publication on prevention and treatment strategies (e.g. WHO global survey 2014).

Group website: http://www.hug-ge.ch/addictologie/recherche

Selected Publications:

  • Achab S., Chatton A., Khan R., Thorens G., Penzenstadler L., Zullino D., Khazaal Y. (2014)Early detection of Pathological Gambling: betting on GPs' beliefs and attitudes BioMed Research International special issue Novel Psychoactive Substances and Behavioral Addictions
  • Khazaal Y., van Singer M., Chatton A., Achab S., Zullino D., Rothen S., Khan R., Billieux J., Thorens G. (2014) Does self-selection affect samples' representativeness in online surveys? An investigation in Online video game research J Med Internet Res. 16(7):e164
  • Thorens G., Achab S., Billieux J., Khazaal Y., Khan R., Pivin E., Gupta V., Zullino D. (2014) Characteristics and treatment response of self-identified problematic Internet users in a behavioral addiction outpatient clinic J Behav Addict, 3:78-81

CAAP Grand-Pr, Service d'addictologie, HUG
Email: Sophia (dot) Achab (at) hcuge (dot) ch