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Group leader: Habib Zaidi

Group name: PET Instrumentation and Neurosciences Laboratory (PinLab)

Affiliation: University Hospital

Research activities:

image Our objective is to develop image reconstruction techniques, modeling/simulation tools and accurate attenuation and scatter correction techniques for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and Single-Photon Emission Computed Tomography (SPECT), as well as the assessment of new possible designs of PET detection modules using sophisticated Monte Carlo techniques. We are particularly interested in improving the quality and quantitative accuracy of nuclear medicine images, and statistical analysis of different reconstruction algorithms and attenuation and scatter correction techniques. A strong interest is arising in the field of neuroimaging to stimulate the different groups active in the field in the Geneva region.Within this direction, we are particularly interested in developing brain imaging protocols using nuclear medicine technology to study brain function and to apply multivariate statistics to brain images to study the neurofunctional networks underlying cognitive performance. More recently, the lab has been involved in the development of detector modules and novel designs for dedicated high-resolution PET cameras in collaboration with CERN and other research institutions.

Group website: http://pinlab.hcuge.ch/

Selected Publications:

  • H Zaidi, M-L Montandon and D O Slosman. Magnetic resonance imaging-guided attenuation and scatter corrections in three-dimensional brain positron emission tomography Med. Phys. Vol 30, No 5, pp 937-948 (2003). http://pinlab.hcuge.ch/pdf/MedPhys2003.pdf
  • Montandon M-L and Zaidi H Atlas-guided non-uniform attenuation correction in cerebral 3D PET imaging Neuroimage Vol 25, No 1, pp 278-286 (2005). http://pinlab.hcuge.ch/pdf/NeuroImage2005.pdf
  • Zaidi H, Ruest T, Schoenahl F, Montandon M-L Comparative assessment of brain MR image segmentation algorithms and their impact on partial volume correction in PET Neuroimage Vol 32, No 4, pp 1591-1607 (2006). http://pinlab.hcuge.ch/pdf/NeuroImage2006.pdf

Geneva University Hospital
Email: habib (dot) zaidi (at) hcuge (dot) ch