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Group leader: Laszlo Vutskits

Group name: Neuroscience-oriented Anesthesia Research Group

Affiliation: University Hospital

Research activities:

image Every year, a large number of human fetuses and infants receive anesthesia worldwide. Anesthetics interfere with GABAergic and glutamatergic neurotransmissions that play a critical role in brain development. Our major research interest is to evaluate the impact of anesthetics on the developing central nervous system (CNS). We primarily focus on neuronal dendritic development and seek to elucidate whether exposure to anesthetics induce adverse effects on neuronal differentiation during the early postnatal period. For this purpose, we use in vitro and in vivo models of dendritic differentiation as well as various morphological and functional techniques including confocal imaging, quantitative dendritic arbor analysis and laser capture microdissection.

Selected Publications:

  • Vutskits L, Gascon E, Tassonyi E, Kiss JZ: Effect of ketamine on dendritic arbor development and survival of immature GABAergic neurons in vitro. Toxicol Sci 2006; 91:540-549
  • Vutskits L, Gascon E, Tassonyi E, Kiss JZ: Clinically Relevant Concentrations of Propofol but Not Midazolam Alter In Vitro Dendritic Development of Isolated GABAergic Interneurons. Anesthesiology 2005; 102: 970-976
  • Vutskits L, Gascon E, Klauser P, Tassonyi E, Kiss, JZ,: Do anesthetics impair brain development? Arch Pediatr 2006; 13:777-779

Dpartement d'Anesthsiologie, Pharmacologie et Soins Intensifs
Geneva University Hospital
Email: Laszlo (dot) Vutskits (at) hcuge (dot) ch