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Group leader: Martial Van der Linden

Group name: Psychopathology and Cognitive Neuropsychology

Affiliation: Psychology

Research activities:

image A cognitive approach to schizophrenia, depression, substance and behavioral dependence obsessive-compulsive disorders, eating disorders, antisocial disorders and posttraumatic stress disorder. Exploration of the relationships between executive functions, decision making, impulsivity and emotion regulation. Exploration of the relationships between autobiographical memory, emotion and self. A neuropsychological approach to executive functions, impulsivity, social cognition, working memory and episodic memory. Exploration of the cognitive and emotional functioning in patients with early Alzheimer's disease

Group website: http://www.unige.ch/fapse/PSY/persons/vanderlinden

Selected Publications:

  • Gay, Ph., Rochat, L., Billieux, J., d~Acremont, M., & Van der Linden, M. (2008). Heterogeneous inhibition processes involved in different facets of self-reported impulsivity: Evidence from a community sample. Acta Psychologica, 129, 332-339.
  • Rochat, L., Ammann, J., Mayer, E., Annoni, J.M, & Van der Linden, M. (2009). Executive disorders and perceived socio-emotional changes after traumatic brain injury.Journal of Neuropsychology, 3, 213-227.
  • Schmidt, R. & Van der Linden, M. (2009). The aftermath of rash action: Sleep-interfering counterfactual thoughts and emotions. Emotion, 9, 549-553.

Psychology and Education Sciences, FAPSE
Unit de Psychopathologie et de Neuropsychologie Cognitive
Email: Martial (dot) VanDerLinden (at) unige (dot) ch