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Group leader: Sophie Schwartz

Group name: Sleep and Cognition Neuroimaging Laboratory

Affiliation: Medical Sciences

Research activities:

  • Neural plasticity in adult humans assessed by functional MRI (fMRI) and high-density EEG. In this project, we study the role of sleep in perceptual and emotional learning. We also investigate the replay of neuronal activity during human sleep using by long-term intracranial and scalp EEG.
  • Modulation of visual activity by spatial attention, visual grouping, and orientation adaptation using fMRI and retinotopic mapping of early visual areas.
  • Advanced multimodal brain imaging methods applied to the study of early vision and visual learning. This project involves the development of new methods for the combined analysis of functional and structural MRI data, diffusion tensor imaging data, and EEG recordings.
  • Impact of psychiatric disorders (depression, obsessive-compulsive disorder) on attentional and perceptual processing assessed by fMRI.
  • Functional MRI of human narcolepsy. This project examines motor and emotional circuits to identify neural dysfunctions underlying narcoleptic symptoms (cataplexy triggered by emotional stimuli).
  • Cognition during sleep. Here, we propose a neuropsychological approach to normal dreaming showing that bizarre but typical features in the dreams reflect local changes in brain activity during sleep. We also programmed a Matlab toolbox for the automatic parsing and multidimensional lexical analysis of large samples of dream reports.

Group website: http://labnic.unige.ch

University Medical Center
Département des neurosciences fondamentales
Email: Sophie (dot) Schwartz (at) unige (dot) ch