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Group leader: Armand Savioz

Group name: NEURAD

Affiliation: Psychiatry

Research activities:

image Our studies deal with molecular mechanisms (e.g. synaptic beta-amyloid hypothesis) involved in vulnerability of neural networks in aging as well as in degenerative dementia (Alzheimer disease and frontotemporal dementia). Starting from observations made in humans, cellular and murine models are used to investigate how synaptic modifications and loss lead to functional alterations according to a synapto-connectionist paradigm, but may be counteracted by cerebral reserve and compensatory mechanisms (ref. 2).

Selected Publications:

  • Eder-Colli L, Abad-Estarlich N, Pannetier C, Vallet PG, Walzer C, Elder GA, Robakis NK, Bouras C, Savioz A. The presenilin-1 familial Alzheimer's disease mutation P117L decreases neuronal differentiation of embryonic murine neural progenitor cells. Brain Res Bull. 2009, 80, 296-301.
  • Savioz A, Leuba G, Vallet PG, Walzer C. Contribution of neural networks to Alzheimer disease's progression. Brain Res Bull. 2009, 80, 309-314.
  • Leuba G, Walzer C, Vernay A, Carnal B, Kraftsik R, Piotton F, Marin P, Bouras C, Savioz A. Postsynaptic density protein PSD-95 expression in Alzheimer's disease and okadaic acid induced neuritic retraction. Neurobiol Dis. 2008 Jun;30(3):408-19.

University Hospital
Dept. Psychiatrie, Neuropsychiatrie
Email: Armand (dot) Savioz (at) hcuge (dot) ch