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Group leader: Radek Ptak

Group name: Spatial attention, perception and action

Affiliation: University Hospital

Research activities:

image The main research interest of our group is to analyse cognitive processes that enable humans to build a coherent representation of space and to select the most relevant among several stimuli. We are studying the functional characteristics and neuroanatomy of neuropsychological disorders such as spatial neglect, extinction, optic ataxia and visual agnosia as well as electrophysiological mechanisms of attention and eye movement programming in healthy subjects. The techniques used to study these phenomena involve measures of reaction time, eye movements, 3D-motion analysis, and ERPs.

Group website: http://www.medecine.unige.ch/recherche/schnider/group3.php

Selected Publications:

  • Ptak, R. (2011) The Frontoparietal Attention Network of the Human Brain: Action, Saliency, and a Priority Map of the Environment. Neuroscientist, doi:10.1177/1073858411409051
  • Ptak, R. & Schnider, A. (2010)The dorsal attention network mediates orienting toward behaviorally relevant stimuli in spatial neglect. Journal of Neuroscience 30: 12557-12565.
  • Ptak, R., Schnider, A., Golay, L. & Mri, R. (2007)A non-spatial bias favouring fixated stimuli revealed in patients with spatial neglect. Brain , 130: 3211-3222.

Division of Neurorehabilitation
Geneva University Hospital
Email: Radek (dot) Ptak (at) hcuge (dot) ch