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Group leader: Stephen Perrig

Group name: Sleep Laboratory

Affiliation: Psychiatry

Research activities:

image The laboratory is an accredited sleep disorders center, huge part of its work consists in clinical investigation of sleep disorders (sleep breathing disorders, hypersomnia, insomnia, sleep related movement disorders, circadian rhythm sleep disorders, parasomnias and other problems that interfere with sleep). In the field of sleep research the laboratory developed several axes of interest:

  1. analysis of spectral power time-courses over the ultradian cycle of the sleep and development of theoretical model of the relationship between cortical and subcortical interactions
  2. participation in multicentric studies focused on the relationship between sleep breathing disorders and markers of inflammation and cardiovascular disease
  3. study of psychophysiological insomnia and effectiveness of non-pharmacological therapeutic approaches
  4. pharmacological studies of new hypnotic treatment in primary insomnia
  5. evoked potentials in the different groups of sleep disorders
  6. neurophysiologic explorations of daytime sleepiness

Selected Publications:

  • Merica H, Fortune RD. State transitions between wake and sleep, and within the ultradian cycle, with focus on the link to neuronal activity. Sleep Med Rev. 2004 Dec;8(6):473-85. Review.
  • Cervena K, Dauvilliers Y, Espa F, Touchon J, Matousek M, Billiard M, Besset A. Effect of cognitive behavioural therapy for insomnia on sleep architecture and sleep EEG power spectra in psychophysiological insomnia. J Sleep Res. 2004 Dec;13(4):385-93.

Laboratoire du Sommeil
Service de Neuropsychiatrie
Geneva University Hospital
Email: Stephen (dot) Perrig (at) hcuge (dot) ch