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Group leader: Anne-Lise Giraud

Group name: Auditory Language Group

Affiliation: Medical Sciences

Research activities:

image Although single neuron spiking has important coding properties, collective neuronal behaviour as reflected by oscillatory activity signal phenomena reflecting the temporal/spatial integration of spiking activity. We explore how neural oscillations contribute to auditory processing with an emphasis on speech. Owing to its quasi-rhythmicity speech interacts with the oscillatory behaviour of neuronal cortical population, which provides an interesting way to mobilize collective neural activity. We explore the multiple roles of neural oscillations in speech processing, in particular in speech parsing, speech coding, code transformation and directional multiplexing.

Selected Publications:

  • Giraud AL, Poeppel D 2012 Cortical oscillations and speech processing: emerging computational principles. Nature neuroscience E-pub, doi: 10.1038/nn.3063.
  • Lehongre, K., Ramus, F., Villiermet, N., Schwartz, D., & Giraud, A. L. 2011. Altered low-gamma sampling in auditory cortex accounts for the three main facets of dyslexia. Neuron, 72(6): 1080-1090.
  • Arnal, L. H., Wyart, V., & Giraud, A. L. 2011. Transitions in neural oscillations reflect prediction errors generated in audiovisual speech. Nature neuroscience, 14(6): 797-801.

University Medical Center
Dpartement des neurosciences fondamentales
Email: Anne-Lise (dot) Giraud (at) unige (dot) ch