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Group leader: Giovanni Frisoni

Group name: Laboratory of Neuroimaging of Aging

Affiliation: Psychiatry

Research activities:

image The group has over 20 years of experience in clinical and translational research on Alzheimer's disease. The main scientific interest is the use of neuroimaging techniques and other biomarkers in persons with or at risk for cognitive impairment. Acquisitions and innovations in fundamental neurosciences, ICT, and technology are uptaken and translated for use into a clinical setting for better pathophysiological understanding, diagnosis, prognosis, disease tracking, drug therapy, and rehabilitation. Specific topics of investigation are: the clinical use of imaging and fluid biomarkers; in vivo neurobiology of Alzheimer's disease; the clinical use of innovative PET ligands; harmonisation of imaging markers for clinical use; development of innovative image analysis environments based on advanced ICT technology.

The Geneva group works in close synergy with the "parent" group in Brescia, at the National Centre for Alzheimer's Disease in Brescia (www.centroalzheimer.org); both groups amount to about 30 scientists (physicians, psychologists, ICT scientists, bioinformaticists, physicists, project managers). We are cooperating with a large number of distinguished research groups the world over, and we are coordinating a number of international and national projects funded by the European Commission, the US Alzheimer's Association, drug companies and ligand manufacturers. We are founding partners of the Human Brain Project.

Selected Publications:

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