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Group leader: Koviljka Barisnikov

Group name: Child Clinical Neuropsychology Unit

Affiliation: Psychology

Research activities:

image Our group conducts three main domains of ongoing research:

  1. Study of social and emotional behaviour in neurodevelopmental disorders (Down syndrome; Williams syndrome, X-fragile, Autism).
  2. Inhibition and emotional regulation in children (preterm children, children with attentional disorders, hyperactivity).
  3. Study of specific neuropsychological disorders related to visuo-perceptual, visuo-spatial and executive fonctions deficits in children.

Group website: http://www.unige.ch/fapse/psychoclinique/UPCNE.html

Selected Publications:

  • Barisnikov, K. (2009). Troubles des fonctions visuo-spatiales. In M. Poncelet, S. Majerus, & M. Van der Linden, (Eds), Trait de neuropsychologie de l~enfant. (pp.373-403). Marseille: Solal.
  • Hippolyte, L., Iglesias, K., & Barisnikov, K. (2009). A new emotional Stroop-like task: Application to the Down syndrome population. Archives of Clinical Neuropsycholog, 24, 293-300.
  • Pizzo, R., Urben, S., Van der Linden, M., Hppi, P., Borradori-Tolsa, C., Forcada-Guex, M., & Barisnikov, K. (2009). Attentional network efficiency in preterm children. Journal of the International Neuropsychological Society. (in press)

Psychology and Education Sciences, FAPSE
Email: Koviljka (dot) Barisnikov (at) unige (dot) ch