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Group leader: Jean-Michel Aubry

Group name: Neuroendocrinology, psychopharmacology and mood disorders

Affiliation: Psychiatry

Research activities:

image The main research interest of our group is on the neurobiology of mood disorders with a focus on the links between neuroendocrinology, stress and depression, specifically hypothalamo-hypophyso-adrenal system dysfunctions and the risk of depressive relapse. These issues are explored with pre-clinical models as well as with clinical research protocols. In collaboration with other groups in Geneva and abroad, another topic of research is addressing the mode of action of mood stabilizers with in vitro paradigms. Finally, more recently, genetic studies on unipolar and bipolar disorders have also been initiated in collaboration with other groups. Our group is now part of several international consortium evaluating the genetic basis of antidepressants and lithium response vs non-response.

Selected Publications:

  • Aubry JM., Jermann F., Rossier M., Gex-Fabry-Pun M., Bockhorn L., Van der Linden M., Gervasoni N., Bertschy G., Bondolfi G. The cortisol awakening response in patients remitted from depression. Journal of Psychiatric Research 2010 (in press), impact factor 2009: 3,72
  • Aubry JM, Schwald M., Ballmann E., Karege F. Early effects of mood stabilizers on the Akt/GSK-3beta signalling pathway and on cell survival and proliferation. Psychopharmacology 2009; 205: 419-29, impact factor 2009: 4,103
  • Steimer T., Python A., Schulz P.E., Aubry JM. Plasma corticosterone, dexamethasone (DEX) suppression and DEX/CRH tests in a rat model of genetic vulnerability to depression. Psychoneuroendocrinology 2007; 32: 575-9, impact factor 2007: 4,422

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Email: jean-michel (dot) aubry (at) hcuge (dot) ch