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Jean-Michel Aubry - Neuroendocrinology, psychopharmacology and mood disorders: Psychoneuroendocrinology and pharmacogenetics of mood disorders.
Koviljka Barisnikov - Child Clinical Neuropsychology: Study of cognitive and socio-emotional abilities in neuro-developmental disorders
Pierre Barrouillet - Cognitive Developmental Psychology: Cognitive processes involved in reasoning, mathematics, working memory and executive functions
Olivier Baud - Pathogenesis of perinatal brain damage and neuroprotection of the developing brain: Developing new strategies to protect the developing brain and deciphering the underlying cellular mechanisms
Daphne Bavelier - Cognitive Neuroscience: Study of the factors that foster brain plasticity and learning in humans
Tobias Brosch - Consumer Decision and Sustainable Behavior Lab: Investigation of the psychological and neural mechanisms underlying sustainable decision-making
Laurent Bernheim - Human Muscle Cells: Study of skeletal muscle regeneration
Philippe Bijlenga - Cerebral Ischemia: Why does brain need oxygen and how could it survive with less?
Guido Bondolfi - Personality styles, mood disorders and depressive relapse prevention: Combining clinical psychology and neuroimaging in order to study the mechanisms mediating interindividual differences in healthy and psychiatric patients.
Alan Carleton - Sensory Perception and Plasticity: Analysis of the molecular, cellular and network mechanisms controlling sensory perception
Corrado Corradi Dell'Acqua - Theory of Pain Laboratory: This research group investigates the cognitive and neural processes underlying the diagnosis of people's pain.
Alexandre Dayer - Psychiatry and Developmental Neuroplasticity: Study of basic neuro-developmental processes such as cortical migration and early dendritic development and their implication in the pathophysiology of psychiatric disorders
Anik DeRibaupierre - Developmental and differential psychology: Study of cognitive development, variability and neurofunctional changes across the lifespan
Stephan Eliez & Martin Debban - Behavioral Psychiatry & Neuroimaging: Study of neurogenetic syndromes and psychiatric disorders in children and adolescents, following a multidisciplinary perspective involving collaborators from psychiatry, psychology, cognitive neuroscience and genetics
Giovanni Frisoni - Neuroimaging of Aging: Translation of basic research for the understanding the pathophysiology and helping the diagnosis of dementing disorders in clinical settings.
Yvan Gasche - Ischemic Brain Injury: Molecular mechanisms of blood-brain barrier disruption and neuronal degeneration in cerebral ischemia
Anne-Lise Giraud - Auditory Language Group: Neural and computational bases of speech perception merging intracranial recordings with biophysical models.
Narly Golestani - Brain and Language Lab: Brain function, structure, and structural connectivity underlying auditory/linguistic learning and expertise
Didier Grandjean - Neuroscience of Emotion and Affective Dynamics: The emotional processes and their underlying psychological and brain processes
Adrian Guggisberg - Imaging-assisted neurorehabilitation:Imaging of large-scale neural networks for optimized neurological rehabilitation
Anthony Holtmaat - Structural synaptic plasticity: Imaging of structural synaptic plasticity in the mouse neocortex in vivo.
Daniel Huber - Neural circuits and behavior : Learning under the microscope; two-photon imaging and optogenetic manipulations of cortical circuits during decision making and voluntary action.
Petra Huppi - Child Development Disorders: Study of normal and abnormal brain development in high risk neonates with neuro-imaging
Vincente Ibanez - UNNIP: Brain imaging of neuropsychiatric disorders: functional cognitive processing, glucose metabolism, dopaminergic transmission and molecular binding in Alzheimer disease and schizophrenia
Denis Jabaudon - Developmental Neurobiology: Molecular controls over the development and plasticity of cerebral cortical maps
Dirk Kerzel - Cognitive Psychology: How attention and perceptual factors interact in the visual guidance of eye and hand movements
Jozsef Kiss - Neuromorphology : A Neural stem/progenitor cell based approach for brain repair
Andreas KleinSchmidt - Neurology :
Matthias Kliegel - Cognitive Aging: Development of cognitive functioning (mainly memory and cognitive control) across the lifespan and the mechanisms underlying those age-related changes
Marina Laganaro - NeuroPsychoLinguistics: Language production: psycholingustic, neurolinguistic and ERP studies
Patrice Lalive - Neuroimmunology: Identification of biomarkers for Multiple sclerosis and characterization of the mechanisms of immune regulation and neuroprotection in experimental autoimmune encephalomyelitis
Basile Landis - Rhinology and Olfactology: Clinical investigations of chemical senses disorders (olfaction, taste and trigeminal sense) and psychophysical and objective (evoked potentials) testing of these modalities.
Christian Luscher - Addiction and Dopamine System: Study of phenomena of synaptic transmission and plasticity in the ventral tegmental area to elucidate mechanims underlying addiction.
Jean-Marc Matter - Neurogenesis: Cell cycle progression and neuronal determination
Roland Maurer - Human Spatial Orientation : Study of path integration and spatial orientation in humans across life span and in relation with cerebral lesions.
Christoph Michel - Functional Brain Mapping: Dynamic Electric Neuroimaging of large-scale cerebral neuronal networks in the healthy and pathological human brain
Phillippe Millet - PET and SPECT Quantification
Michel Muhlethaler - Sleep Networks: Neural networks involved in sleep and wakefulness
Emi Nagoshi - Behavioral neuroscience and neurodegeneration: Behavioral neurobiology and neurodegenerative diseases
Alan Pegna - Experimental Neuropsychology: Study of various aspects of human cognition in healthy and brain-damaged patients with a particular emphasis on visual perception and language processing
Marco Pelizzone - Cochlear and Retinal Implants: Development of neural implants for hearing and vision impairment
Fabienne Perren - Laboratory of ultrafast Ultrasound Neuroimaging in Clinics : Projects are based on the methodological developments of ultrafast ultrasound imaging in neurology and in particular in cerebrovascular diseases.
Stephen Perrig - Sleep Laboratory : Clinical research in the field of sleep and arousal disorders and the basic research focused on the theoretical modelling of sleep.
Alexandre Pouget - Cognitive Computational Neuroscience: Uncovering general principles of representation and computation in neural circuits.
Kerstin Preuschoff - Neuroscience in Finance and Economics : Neural and computational basis of decision making.
Radek Ptak - Spatial attention, perception and action: Cognitive and neurophysiological mechanisms of spatial attention and perception
Thierry Pun - Computer Vision and Multimedia: interested in multimodal interaction, affective computing, brain-computer interaction, emotions analysis
Ivan Rodriguez - Neurogenetics
David Rudrauf - Laboratory of Multimodal Modeling of Emotion and Feeling (MMEF): pursues research on consciousness and emotion with a focus on non-social and social perspective taking
David Sander - Neuropsychology and Cognitive Neuroscience of Emotion: Investigation of cognitive mechanisms involved in the processing of self-relevant stimuli, and how these processes elicit emotions and modulate attention and memory.
Armand Savioz - Neurons in Alzheimer's disease: Towards enhancement of innate neuritic compensatory mechanisms in Alzheimer's disease.
Karl Schaller - Geneva Neuro-glia-vascular Lab : Exploring mechanisms of cerebral ischemia and pathophysiology of cerebral blood flow
Daniel Schechter & Sandra Rusconi Serpa - Geneva Early Childhood Stress Project: The effectsof violence-related posttraumtic stress on mother-child interaction and the develpment of emotion regulation: the Geneva early childhood stress project
Margitta Seeck - EEG and epilepsy unit : Understanding development and genesis of epilepsy using brain imaging and genetics
Klaus Scherer - Emotion: Theoretical development and empirical research in the affective sciences, investigating in particular the different components of the emotion process.
Armin Schnider - Cognitive Neurorehabilitation: Amnesia and Confabulation: Mechanisms and Rehabilitation.
Sophie Schwartz - Sleep and Cognition Neuroimaging
Martial Van der Linden - Psychopathology and Cognitive Neuropsychology: Theoretical development and empirical research in the field of cognitive psychopathology and neuropsychology
Dimitri Van De Ville - Medical Image Processing: Development of novel signal and image processing methodologies for medical imaging and neuroimaging in particular
Patrik Vuilleumier - Behavioral Neurology and Imaging of Cognition: Combining functional brain imaging and neuropsychology to study cognitive functions, perception, and emotion, in healthy and brain-lesioned people
Laszlo Vutskits - Neuroscience-oriented Anesthesia: Investigating the effects of anesthetics on the developing central nervous system.
Habib Zaidi - PET Instrumentation and Neurosciences: Novel instrumentation technologies development, improvement of image reconstruction techniques, modeling/simulation tools and quantitative analysis strategies for Positron Emission Tomography (PET) images
Pascal Zesiger - Processing, acquisition and disorders of language : Early lexical acquisition in infants and toddlers ( baby lab), role of phonology and phonological working memory in lexical and grammatical acquisition in 4-5 year-olds, acquisition of lexical and grammatical spelling in school-aged children.
Daniele Zullino - Addictive disorders: Addictive disorders underlying mechanisms, clinical impact and global health issues