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image Neuromodulation in real time A new technique, iTango, developed by Pr Luescher's team and the Max Planck Institute (Florida), allows to control neuromodulation in real time More

image Olfaction Alan Carleton's et Ivan Rodriguez's teams hey have discovered the complementary role played by two distinct kinds of neurons in processing olfactory information More

image Brain-machine interface Daniel Huber's team discovered that it was possible to create an artificial sensation of neuroprosthetic movements More

image Hearing Pr Anne-Lise Giraud and Diane Lazard have managed to decipher brain reorganisation processes at work when people start to lose their hearing, and thus predict the success or failure of a cochlear implant in adults More

image Olfaction Pr Alan Carleton talks about the different kind of cells involved in the processing of the olfactive information and its reshaping Listen

image Genetics and cortex Three main sub-types of interneurons highlighted during early phase of development by genes decoding More


image The Brain week awareness took place in Geneva from March 13 to 17, 2017 on the theme of emotions More

image The exhibition Pas de panique is in Lausanne Plus

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