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image Exhibition The Geneva neuroscience center presents an exhibition on fear and anxiety disorders entitled "Don't panic !" More

image Award David Sander was awarded the National Latsis Prize 2013 for his work on emotions and their effect on cognitive function More

image Ethics and neuroscience Bernard Baertschi is the author of a new book on ethical questions in neuroscience More

image Sleep: A new project that investigates teenagers' sleep and educates school classes about its importance More

image Award Isik Karahanoglu from Van De Ville Lab has been awarded the Vasco Sanz Prize More

image Looking at learning neurons Daniel Huber's group images the activity of neurons during learning More


The Brain Awareness Week will take place from March 10 to 14, 2014. More

The Geneva Neuroscience Center booklet is available here

The Vasco Sanz fundation is awarding a prize for young brain scientists More